Firm Hires Liz Johnson as Associate Attorney

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Spence Brierley Hires Liz Johson

Spence | Brierley continues to expand.   Having hired Dave Luby as an associate last year, Spence | Brierley is pleased to announce that Liz H. Johnson has been hired as an Associate Attorney to complement the firm’s trial practice.

Smarter Than You Might Think

An Anne Arundel County native, Liz recently graduated from the University of Illinois School of Law.   Although only having graduated in 2015, Liz is smarter than you might think.  As an associate, she is already working hard with the partners to prepare demand letters, complaints, and motions worthy of the Supreme Court.

Exciting First Day

On her first day of work as an Associate, Liz was assigned to an equipment repossession for a client which involved 7 Sheriffs with guns drawn. Hopefully, Liz’s future assignments won’t be as “exciting.”